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How to Get Free Amazon Samples with Top Free Samples

10 Apr 2015

Amazon, the e-commerce company, is the largest online retailer in the world. Like typical giant brick and mortar retailers, Amazon gives away tons of samples and free products. It only takes a bit of effort and plenty of resourcefulness to take advantage of this windfall. If you want to collect a bucket of freebies, here are proven strategies on how to get free stuff from Amazon.

1. Follow your favorite brands on social media. It is rare for a brand to not have cultivated a presence online, so chances of finding your favored brands or an upcoming product on the Internet are good. Share their posts in your own social circle, re-Tweet their corporate events, re-Pin their new products, and you are likely to get loyalty rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards, which you can then use to claim preferred products in the retailer's website.

2. Join contests online. Are you good at humor writing or coming up with interesting photoplasty? Are you great at taking landscape shots? There is a plethora of on-line contests you can enter, and the prizes are either a combination of tokens shipped to the winner, cash via PayPal, or Amazon gift cards. If you are a professional looking for avenues to display your craft, then joining contests on-line kills two birds with one stone.

3. Complete surveys. There are innumerable websites that aggregate surveys on behalf of many companies. These websites entice readers to take surveys in exchange for goodies, they can claim using Amazon gift cards or credits. Use a different e-mail address dedicated to just surveys so your regular inbox is not flooded with spam. All you need to do afterwards is check your email regularly and complete the surveys.

4. Review products. Do you have a flair for describing products in accurate detail? Put them into writing, upload them to the Amazon website, and if you get enough stars as a reviewer, you might even become a sought-after commodity for companies who need actual people to say something good about their wares. It is no secret that Amazon's Vine reviewers get tons of free stuff by trying out products and writing up their opinions about the experience. There is, of course, a certain level of effort you need to invest upfront, but if you keep at it, and you are fair in your reviews, the time may come that you will have more than duplicate headsets, webcams, best-sellers, and all kinds of merchandise stashed in your garage.

5. Become an affiliate. Do you have a blog with decent traffic? Are you popular among your friends on social media? If so, you can capitalize on this online presence by becoming an affiliate—selling products related to your blog that readers can buy from Amazon—and earning commission in the form of Amazon gift cards or cash. If you are fond of buying stuff off the Internet anyway, this is a two-in-one, win-win deal.

6. Sell used stuff. Do you have tomes of paperbacks lying around? Or perhaps collectible toys you have outgrown? They might benefit other people more if you sell them on Amazon in exchange for gift cards that you can, then claim to buy products more in line with your current tastes. You also enjoy the added benefit of clearing up your garage.

With Amazon wading in an ocean of inventories, thinking outside the box on ways you shouldget free stuff from Amazon should be a very profitable pursuit.

Last Modified: April 17, 2015 08:33 PM
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Tips to Get Free Amazon Samples

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