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We sure do! King Midas was a character in Greek Mythology where everything he touched turned to gold. Well, maybe we can't really turn things to gold, but we can certainly help you keep more money in your pockets with discounts and deals offered by a variety of airlines, shops, restaurants, and other businesses. This feature looks at many of the deep discounts, which are made available from Midas auto shops all over the United States, from a trustworthy company who has been in business for almost 60 years. Continue reading
Accommodation makes up one of the "Big Three" travel expenditures, so finding ways to save big on hotel discounts, and coupons will help you save significantly on your travel costs. You need not even compromise comfort when you are on the road; you just need to be resourceful, patient, and polite when seeking out accommodation freebies or price cuts. Here are some of the more popular places to look to for saving on your hotel and free up some of your cash for spending money. Continue reading
Celebrating special occasions often comes with a hefty price tag. A fancy dinner with all the wine and other trappings could easily cost upwards of $100 or more if you eat out with a group of family and friends. A cheaper option would be to blow out the candles at home, but sometimes you don't want to go through the trouble of preparing the food when you can spend just about the same amount of money and less time in a restaurant. Continue reading
Since its humble beginnings as a discount retailer in the early '60s, Walmart has grown into a one-stop-shop destination for just about anything you need, not just in the United States but in 27 other countries as well, making it the largest retailer in the world. With a market that big, you can expect that there are always promos and deals up for grabs, something you can take advantage of in the face of rising gas prices and related commodities. Continue reading
One of the best ways to cut back on your spending is to trim down your entertainment expenses. With a plethora of free music, TV reruns, and movies available on the Internet, finding out how to stream movies online for free can rewards you with significant savings while keeping you entertained whenever your fancy strikes. Even better, streaming movies is not a case of "you get what you pay for." It's altogether possible to enjoy a full HD or 3D viewing experience, even without paying for anything. Continue reading
Food is a non-negotiable household expense, and something that gets more expensive too. While you should never compromise on nourishment, you also need not pay top-shelf price for something you can get for free. With a bit of resourcefulness and diligence, you can cut a good chunk off your food budget or otherwise spend those savings on fresh organics. Here are 9 creative ways on how to get free food vouchers and fill up your grocery cart or bag with zero cash outlay. Continue reading
Beyond simply just a fabric store, Jo-Ann Fabrics offers a plethora of craft supplies, home goods, notions, d├ęcor, art supplies, kids' crafts, and much more. Established in 1943 in an era when many women sewed their own clothes, Jo-Ann has evolved into a store where women (and men) of today can find everything they need for crafts and decorating. Many Jo-Ann Fabrics have been converted into Jo-Ann Etc Continue reading
Hey! This is Mr. Top welcoming you to our blog As you might have seen or read on our "about us" page, or our intro box on our home-page, we are all about finding ways and ideas to save you money. As our website name suggests, we are committed in making sure that you do not pay full price for anything; we seriously mean anything. From restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, car dealerships to airline tickets, we have you covered. Continue reading