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How to Get Free Products from Companies

10 Apr 2015

There is such a thing as free lunch (even if you don't grow your own food). It's all about knowing where to look, or scavenge, for free products. With companies, it's either about making complaints or sending them compliments and a few things in between. Short of dumpster-diving for freebies, here are some clever approaches on how to get free products from companies.

1. Complain, but politely. If you have received a product that did not live up to its reputation or advertisement, it would only set you back a few minutes and some stationery to write what you did not like about the product—even better if the product has online presence where you can send feedback right away. You should attach the serial number or proof of purchase to make a valid point. (Note, that not every company will respond to your complaint, but most will; and your reward can range from a refund to other incentives to, quote: make-it-up to you.) So don’t under estimate the desire for most companies to please their customers.


2. Compliment the product for its outstanding features. What is it about a certain product that you like? How did the product solve your problem or help make your life much better? By writing the company a glowing review, you may get a reward. Certainly, not all companies would buy into your story, but plenty of anecdotes abound about consumers complimenting their favorite brands and getting a few rewarding acknowledgements in return. (Follow the golden rule, only compliment products that you actually used and liked, don’t fake compliments.)

3. Ask to be a product tester. This is particularly suitable for products that have just been rolled out onto the market. For example, if you are into mountaineering, you may want to request to be a product tester for a sleeping bag or a tent. Granted, these are big-ticket items, but if you have established a blog showcasing your hobby, and you have plenty of followers; you are likely to get sent products for review (with full disclosure that you will review the product in good faith and not positively because you get it for free).

4. Complete a company survey. Companies often send out surveys after a purchase, so take time to fill them out and send them back. There are companies that might ask you to go online and input your receipt number to get a voucher for a freebie. Other marketing gimmicks may include a lottery of the survey takers and prizes given away to those who were drawn.

5. Check out free samples online, at marketing launch events, or on the company’s free sample page. Big companies always have something going on with their marketing campaigns. Much of it revolves around giving away free stuff in an attempt to create a buzz around the product and also to see whether people will like the product. Like thespians testing their new acts off-Broadway, companies with new products to launch always have a budget set aside for freebies.

6. Attend sponsored events. If you were planning to attend it anyway, then go buy the ticket or reserve a seat. The need to create the buzz, even for established brands, is indispensable such that huge gatherings are attractive venues for marketers to generate broader awareness for their wares. Organizers of events, in fact, take advantage of this, so you can bet that they have already struck agreements with sponsors, which translates to freebies at the gate or door prizes at the end of the affair.

Finding out how to get free products from companies can be a lucrative hobby; the methods and mechanics of doing so have relatively low barriers. Take advantage of how our present commerce system is set up, and you may end up having more than enough items to share around.

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Tips for How to Get Free Products from Companies

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