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Free Samples of Makeup and Perfume: Top Free Samples

11 Apr 2015

Cosmetics can easily eat into your budget, especially if you love the name-brand kind. If you enjoy looking good and don't want to end up poor, then finding ways on how to get free makeup samples should be in your arsenal. Here are some ways.


1. Go to the websites of cosmetic manufacturers. You have an excellent chance of running into sampler-size mascara, lipstick, make-up, perfume, and all the works if you visit their sites and fulfill whatever request accompanies the product (e.g., email subscription, word-of-mouth via social media, or a survey).


2. Browse the pages of fashion magazines. If you like reading this type of publication, and you are a regular subscriber to some, then you may come across coupons you can use to claim the free product.


3. Attend sponsored-events like beauty seminars or seminars aimed at women. Events like these attract sponsors because they are a great way to spread word-of-mouth. Women empowerment seminars, marathons for breast cancer awareness, and Mothers' Day events are all opportunities for companies to strengthen the brand image. By associating with worthwhile causes, they cement public perception of their brand as well as fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. Companies would like to be thought of as involved in their communities because it earns them high scores among consumers who share their corporate values.





4. Complete cosmetic reviews. Did the new-improved waterproof mascara smear? Did the organic makeup trigger your allergies despite it being labeled hypoallergenic? Did the enhanced moisturizer leave you with skin like a baby's? By answering these questions, you give the manufacturers an idea of how well their concoctions match their preconceived understanding of skin care or skin types or even personality traits. They can then use this information to further refine their products or launch a new product that fills a void in the market.


5. Comment regularly on top fashion or beauty blogs or websites that attract a wide base of female readers. There are fashion bloggers who have achieved sufficient clout to attract major name-brands that they use, in turn, to create a buzz around their blogs or to promote reader loyalty. This marketing campaign in turn attracts new readers who then spread the word around their social circles in the social media, thus earning the fashion blogger more traffic, which he or she can convert to major sponsorships.


6. Compliment or complain about a product. This is a trick that can get you free stuff from companies. Writing the company and letting them know how you love the product or how it has solved your allergy problem while looking good may be more productive than complaining, but if a toner or an eye makeup did not live up to its expectations, then by all means let the manufacturer know. Savvy marketers take advantage of the feedback from consumers to fine-tune their products further or create a totally new product that caters to a specific segment of their market.


7. Test their new-improved products and write a review. If an established name-brand or a new entrant to the market has something novel to offer, they benefit from product testers because they are a great source of feedback. If the product came out falling short of its advertised benefits, you get to help the company find out which feature failed before a full rollout, saving them tons of money in product development and advertisement. If the product you tested and reviewed exceeded your expectations, then the word-of-mouth you create would start a wave of buzz that could even propel their marketing campaigns to unexpected heights. If you already have a blog of your own that is strongly relevant to what you will review, perhaps a blog aimed at helping women look their best, you even have better chances of getting noticed and getting that makeup set without spending any money.


Creating your own marketing plan is entirely painless. So, try our tips on ways to get free makeup samples and really take advantage of the manufacturers’ earmarked budget for advertisement by showing up when they need critics or fans.

Last Modified: April 17, 2015 08:20 PM
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Tips to Get Free Samples of Makeup and Perfume

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