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Restaurant Coupons & Discounts: Top Free Samples

11 Apr 2015

Food is a non-negotiable item in your budget, but eating out is not. If you are trying to save money and are wondering how and where your cash leaks, it’s likely that most of it went to signature coffee, power lunches, and fancy dinners. However, you need not deprive yourself of such small luxuries when trying to put money away for far more important things. It’s all a matter of finding out where and how you can get coupons for restaurantto save on your bill without sacrificing quality. If you are diligent, you will find that, yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch. Here’s how you can find coupon deals for restaurants and scope


12.0pt;line-height:107%;mso-bidi-font-family:Calibri">Subscribe to alerts . Unless you want to spend the bulk of your time online browsing for food freebies, make it easier on yourself by signing up with free coupon websites that offer real-time and legit deals. Follow their instructions on how to avail and use said coupons, and your next dinner, dessert, or drink can be had for cheap (if not altogether free). Sites like Groupon, Fatwallet, Cuckooforcoupondeals, and 5dollardinners are great places to start looking for fancy dinners that are easy on the wallet. As a bonus, you get free recipes for restaurant-quality food from some of these sites, so you can just hit the produce aisle the next time you hanker for Tex-Mex or Mediterranean salad.

  1. Browse for e-coupons on social media sites. Often, highly recommended and popular restaurants maintain social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, to name a few. These are typically linked to their official websites, so once you get to the website, follow the coupon trail to where these restaurants are most active online. If you are fond of eating out with your family and friends, it would help to keep track of social media updates from your favorite, newly-opened, or upcoming restaurants by maintaining an active account on these sites.


  1. Inquire. Not asking is an automatic “no.” This is particularly true when you find yourself in a hotel that offers exclusive restaurant deals to their guests in an effort to raise occupancy. You can do the same thing with a restaurant you frequent; see if you can get a special coupon for being a regular there.


  1. Drop by on a restaurant online. Restaurants may keep separate promos for their online and walk-in visitors, so if you failed to get one during your last meal, check their official website regularly for deals of the week or month.


  1. Ask for coupon books. Are you a visitor to a tourist destination? If you are, there’s most likely a coupon book waiting for you upon arrival at your hotel. Grab a hold of this and leaf through the pages for food and drink deals. Sometimes, if you are a guest of a certain hotel, you qualify for partnership promos with restaurants in the area.


  1. Leaf through the pages of glossies. Magazines dedicated to food and wine will often have inserts for their subscribers. Sunday papers tend to have an abundance of coupons, not just for meals but also for an assortment of consumer items as well. So buy your papers regularly (if you prefer to read printed pages anyway), and they will likely pay for themselves in free food.



Frugal living need not mean depriving yourself of comforts you are used to or hope to enjoy. Like most things in life, eating good food for an affordable price can be achieved with a bit of patience and a lot of resourcefulness; learning where and how to get coupons for restaurant is a good start. So get your scissors clipping (or printer working) for that exquisite five-dollar dinner.

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How to Get Free Restaurant Coupons & Discounts

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