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Find Freebies on Stardoll at Top Free Samples

11 Apr 2015

Stardoll is an online paper doll community geared towards girls and boys aged 13 and up. Once you create an account, you can create your own Stardoll and dress her up, using the wide variety of dresses and accessories available. You can also choose to have a celebrity doll and create a unique wardrobe that only your doll possesses. While most of these dresses are free, there are other dresses that come with a price tag. Furthermore, some dresses are free in the USA, but not for other countries. If you are not from the USA but you want to avail of the dresses that are available for American users, here are the steps on how to get free stuff on Stardoll USA:

Go to any US proxy site. A proxy site is a server that provides you with the anonymity that you need in order to access content that is otherwise unavailable in your area. You need to find a US proxy site in order to mask your real location and be able to get free stuff on Stardoll that is only available on its USA site. Examples of US proxy sites that you can use include or

Direct the proxy site to the Stardoll USA site. Once you reach the proxy site, you will then be asked to input the website that you want to access anonymously. To get to the Stardoll USA site using a proxy site, type “” in the search bar. Click Go or press the Enter key.

Log into your Stardoll account. When you reach the Stardoll USA website via the proxy server, enter your user account details to log into the site. Just in case you do not have a Stardoll account, you can sign up for one using the same page. Just enter your nickname, password, and date of birth; tick the box stating that you understood the Membership Terms; and sign up.

Go to the item that you want to access. Now that you are inside your own account, copy and paste the link of the item that you want to access into the proxy server’s URL bar, located at the top of the page. Press the Enter or Go button. This will redirect you to the item page. Aside from virtual clothes, you can also get other items, such as virtual stickers and toys. Once again, if you are already from the USA, most of these items are already in your suite, so you do not have to go through all this trouble. But for international Stardoll users, you can use this trick to access items that are only available for American users.

Log out of the proxy server. To check if you have received the freebies that you wanted, log out of Stardoll and exit the proxy page. Next, open a new browser window, go to your regular Stardoll home page, and then log into your own account. The free stuff that you retrieved from Stardoll USA should be visible in your own Stardoll suite. You can now dress up your doll with your newly acquired loot.

Remember that the steps on how to get free stuff on Stardoll USA are also applicable if you are trying to get free stuff from other international Stardoll sites. You just have to replace the USA site with the Stardoll site that has the item you want. Also, do not forget to log out of the proxy server before you leave the site and sign in to your regular Stardoll account.

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Freebies on Stardoll

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