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Del Taco Mexican-American Food Online Deals


When you want to go south of the border, but your family still likes the option of American fare, Del Taco is a great compromise. First offering tasty Mexican-American meals in the 1960s in Yermo, California, Del Taco has expanded to over 500 restaurants in the western and southern parts of the United States, as well as Detroit, Michigan. The concept is great fast food at a bargain, with menu items beginning at only a dollar or less. On top of the menu deals, you can find bigger discounts with coupons and special deals to have your favorite Mexican-American food at the best possible prices.

Raving Fan e-Club

Like most restaurants, Del Taco rewards its loyal email club customers for joining. When you sign up, you’ll get the reward of 2 free Grilled Chicken Tacos. Next, expect a coupon for a free premium shake on your birthday—choose from chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. In addition, every Raving Fan e-Club member receives exclusive promotions and discounts. Just fill out the short form online and get deals in your inbox. You can also sign up for the opportunity to help Del Taco decide what comes next on their menu or even to become a taste tester.

Taco Night Bargains

Don’t miss Tuesdays and Thursdays at Del Taco for special Taco Night deals from 3 to 11 pm. For the traditional taco lover, Tuesdays brings you three regular tacos for $1.09 (normally $0.59 each). And for the fancy grilled chicken taco lovers, go to Del Taco on Thursdays to score three for only $2.09. However, if you love both traditional and grilled chicken tacos, there is certainly nothing stopping you from dining at Del Taco on both Tuesdays and Thursdays to make your week that much more incredible. Be sure to check with your local restaurant as the deals could vary.

Facebook Deals

Give Del Taco a “Like” on Facebook to be eligible for coupons. Offering more than just your typical Facebook Fan deal, Del Taco sometimes awards prizes for participation in online challenges. For instance, winning an online match game linked through Facebook gets you a coupon to try a New Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco for free with an additional purchase. Check the Facebook page regularly for other tasty Mexican and American treats at discounted prices or even for free.

Newspaper and Online Coupons

Don’t forget to check your ever-faithful weekend newspaper for Del Taco coupons, and you also can typically find them online as well. Some recent deals include a free Caramel Mocha Shake with any purchase, a Buy One Get One Free Steak & Egg Burrito, or a $0.99 Spicy Chicken Burrito. Be sure to regularly look in your local newspapers for coupons and check out Del Taco’s website to see current deals.

Although they’ve been a family favorite since the 1960s, Del Taco restaurants have recently received some fancy makeovers, so do stop by your nearby location to check out their new look. Plus, the menu also continues to receive fresh updates. Join the Raving Fan e-Club, check out Facebook, look for coupons online or in the newspaper, and go to a Del Taco right away for free or discounted food deals.

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Meal Deals on Mexican-American Food at Del Taco

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