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Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), Inc. is one of the leading retailers of branded footwear and accessories in the United States. DSW offers an impressive selection of footwear for women, men, and kids; the average DSW store stocks approximately 25,000 pairs per location. It appeals to a broad demographic of shoppers with the brand promise "Designer shoes. Warehouse prices. - Continue reading
A burger isn't just a burger anymore when you eat at Fuddruckers. Featuring fresh buns baked every day, perfect wedge fries cut from fresh potatoes, handspun milkshakes, and a toppings bar that goes beyond what a person could even dream of, Fuddruckers is the place to enjoy a burger by yourself, with friends, or with family. While burgers are the main staple, chicken tenders and various other food items are available. The company has locations in 33 US states and seven other countries. Continue reading
Saving money has always been a part of Old Navy's identity. Since its inception in 1994 under Gap, it has offered similar style clothing at more affordable prices for the whole family. Buyers have a variety of ways to go about saving money, including coupons, email deals, credit card promos, and various other sale options. Thanks to the many money-saving opportunities, paying full price at Old Navy is almost unheard of - Continue reading
Victoria's Secret (VS) has become the largest lingerie retailer in the United States, thanks to its success in appealing to a wide range of markets and age groups. From the sophisticated and sensuous to the whimsical and cute, VS offers a variety that caters to all sensibilities, be it clothing, accessories, or beauty products. You can buy them in-store, online, or through catalogues. Aside from seasonal sales, the company is rather generous when it comes to offering freebies, discounts and coupon codes. Continue reading
Stardoll is an online paper doll community geared towards girls and boys aged 13 and up. Once you create an account, you can create your own Stardoll and dress her up, using the wide variety of dresses and accessories available. You can also choose to have a celebrity doll and create a unique wardrobe that only your doll possesses. Continue reading
Love coffee and can't get enough of it? Well, Caribou has coffee for you whether made in one of their shops or ordered as beans online! No matter where you want to get your next coffee "fix" Caribou Coffee has it for you. As a bonus, they always have little inspirational, "feel good " sayings as pick-me-ups to add to your caffeine habits. It's simply a very happy and joyous company. Who doesn't love that? Continue reading
Free Pie? Who doesn't love a free piece of fresh baked pie? Well, that just sounds too good to be true! Add to that some of the other deals that are available to take advantage of at Baker's Square restaurants, and you may just be in for a real treat--including free dessert or even a free meal. In addition to offering discounts to customers all throughout the year, the company also provides opportunities to benefit community organizations. Continue reading