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The first Melting Pot restaurant had its grand opening in 1975 in Florida and offered only three fondue options: Swiss cheese, beef, or chocolate. As the menu grew, the restaurant became well-loved, and new locations popped up all over the United States. Now in at least 35 states, as well as Mexico and Canada, the Melting Pot is a favorite venue for celebrations or a fancy evening out. Private tables, decadent desserts, and an incredible dining experience make it appropriate for a couple, families, business dinners, or holiday celebrations. Continue reading
When your family wants to eat out and no one can agree on where to go to, head on down to Hometown Buffet. Thanks to the incredible selection and variety of foods, dinner can be a tummy-satisfying experience for everyone. In fact, Hometown Buffet's restaurant parent company, Ovation Brands, began in the early 1980s and has been pleasing families with delicious selections ever since. Continue reading
"You may be poor, but you'll never be hungry," was the saying for the Carrabba family. Originally from Sicily, the family had always put food front and center, so establishing a restaurant was not a big stretch for them. As an Italian grill restaurant first opened in 1986 in Texas, it distinguishes itself from the slew of Italian eateries out there. Bloomin' Brands (parent company of Outback Steakhouse) now owns the franchise, which boasts over 200 restaurants in 32 states, with the largest number in Florida. Continue reading
Even when you need to rush through lunch or dinner, you can get meals on the go without sacrificing taste at Quiznos. Plus, with discounts, deals, and coupons, you can get great bargains. Famous for toasted subs it's been serving up for over 30 years, Quiznos has locations all over the United States and even internationally; they number over 2,100! Continue reading
At Cold Stone Creamery locations, you can enjoy delicious ice cream creations of your choice: ice cream freshly made every day; then mixed with the nuts, fruit, candy, and other goodies you want; and served in a fancy cone or dish. It sounds mouthwatering, but what's even better is getting such incredibly tasty frozen treats at a discount! Known to be in the business of making customers happy, Cold Stone Creamery employees have a reputation of singing for tips and pleasing customers with sensational ice cream treats for over 25 years. Continue reading
We are all born with a natural beauty, but it fades over time, so why not look for high-quality products and services for a bit of a boost? Aveda offers natural beauty care products and services for women and men who need a pick-me-up. To benefit from their spa services and beauty solutions without breaking the bank, savvy shoppers can check out the five ways to save below. Continue reading
BBQ is more than just meat with sauce when it comes to Famous Dave's. Hand rubbed with a unique spice blend, the meat cooks for hours in a wood smoker with genuine hickory, which brings out the most amazing natural flavors. Before serving, the meat is grilled to caramelize the sauces and create sweetness at first taste and seal in the smoky flavor that goes down deep. Continue reading
Considered by many artists as one of the best chain stores for discounted art supplies, Michaels offers weekly sale flyers that typically feature at least two coupons. The most common ones offers buyers 40 to 50% off one regular priced item and 50 to 60% off a custom framing order. Other common coupons include 10 to 15% off an entire purchase, including sale items, or percentage discounts on various branded products. Continue reading
Spread across the United States, Black Angus Steakhouse locations present a menu of juicy steaks, tasty side dishes, and delicious desserts in a Western atmosphere. Begun in 1964 by Stuart Anderson, Black Angus Steakhouse was dreamed up as a place for casual, comfortable dining, with high quality steaks at an affordable price. Its steaks are famous for being aged a minimum of 21 days, hand cut - Continue reading
Whether you love them for the juicy burgers or the frozen custard, with the tagline of "Happiness Made to Order," you'll have even more happiness if you can get coupons, freebies, and discounts. With locations in Colorado and Wyoming, Good Times Burgers has been around since 1978 since its first restaurant was opened in Boulder, Colorado. With a focus on natural ingredients and frozen treats, Good Times is much more than burgers. Continue reading